ON THIS DATE - 20 Sep (1994) - Five Nashville Warblers were at Fort De Soto Park.
(all about the bird life of Pinellas)

         It's Friday afternoon and most of the county is dealing with rain. Migrants are dropping in. Some arrived this morning and others will trickle in during the night and into Saturday, when rain is expected, too.  So how does Pinellas County fair against other county's around the state?  We know there are lots of active Pinellas birders, but there are many elsewhere, too.  One way of checking how we're doing is by looking at eBird.
According to the eBird stats Fort De Soto Park has recorded more species of birds than anywhere else in Florida with 329, leading second place St. Mark's NWR by 13.  Honeymoon Island is third at 298.  Other Pinellas parks included in the Top 100 are #40 Brooker Creek Preserve (214 spp), #48 Boyd Hill NP (208), #54 Sawgrass Lake Park (205), #60 Fred Howard Park (201) and #72 Weedon Island Preserve (195). During the 2014 year St. Mark's is leading the way with 240 and Fort De Soto is second at 228.
The all-time Florida county leaders (according to eBird) is Miami-Dade with 430 species and Pinellas with 403.  Of course this list also includes reported exotics. We do not know where Miami-Dade's "countable" list stands, but Pinellas' verified countable list is 390.  This year, however, Pinellas is running 5th at 267, thirty behind the leading total produced by Miami-Dade (297).  But it's still early.
Birders looking up at Fort De Soto Park's east beach picnic grounds.