ON THIS DATE - 28 Mar (1960) - a Black Rail was found dead at Gulfport.
(all about the bird life of Pinellas)

Mar 28th - Fort De Soto Park.  Meet at 8 AM at the flag pole at the park headquarters building.  $5 entrance fee to the park.  (SPAS).

Mar 28th - Honeymoon Island State Park.  Meet at 8 AM in the parking lot behind the McDonald's at Alt. US 19 and Curlew Road.  $4 to $8 entry fee to the park.  (CAS).

CAS - Denotes Clearwater Audubon sponsored

SPAS - Denotes St. Petersburg Audubon sponsored 

"This time will be the last time."
  Waylon Jennings


Beginning in February 2008, when just a couple of birders found the site until now, seven years later when 140+ birders visit it daily, has been a fun time for me. But, alas, I have decided not to re-up my contract with Homestead Inc. for another year.  It had nothing to do with bad service, the price, or anything like that.  In fact, all of those have been good and fair.  It's just that the time has come and it's time to move on.
Over the past year has begun to feel the pinch of a faster, more efficient reporting system (eBird), FaceBook and texts, as well as the site becoming a bit burdensome.  Most days, by the time I was able to get around and write up the sightings from the day's reports, the news was already obtained by the majority.
I encourage you all to consider utilizing eBird as a means of reporting your birds, keeping track of the birds for your own personal lists/data, and also for checking out daily reports and seeing what might have been seen where.
There is also the listserv BrdBrain(s), a more statewide data source, but a good one none-the-less.
Both of the Audubon chapters in Pinellas have regularly-scheduled field trips you can attend for free and are always in need of energetic & enthusiastic birders.  Consider joining either St. Petersburg's or Clearwater's.
I will still be gathering bird sighting info for the Florida Field Naturalist, a quarterly publication of the Florida Ornithological Society, so please let me know when you find something interesting. 
I will see you afield.