ON THIS DATE - 18 Oct (2002) - a Bananaquit was found at Fort De Soto Park.
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Oct 25 - John Chesnut Park. Meet at 8 AM in the first parking lot just past the initial 3-way stop (SPAS)

Nov 1 - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.  Begins at 8 AM  (SPAS)

Nov 1 - Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Begins at 8 AM (CAS)

Nov 8 - Possum Branch/Alligator Lake.  Meet at the entrance to Possum Branch at 8 AM (CAS)

Nov 15 - Pinellas Solid Waste Facility. Limited participation. You must contact Dave Kandz to reserve your spot.​ You can e-mail him at   (SPAS)

Nov 22 - Watch this space for field trip idea

Dec 6 - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Begins at 8 AM (SPAS)

Dec 6 - Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Begains at 8 AM (CAS)

Dec 20 - St. Petersburg Christmas Bird Count

Dec 27 - North Pinellas Christmas Bird Count

CAS - Denotes Clearwater Audubon sponsored

SPAS - Denotes St. Petersburg Audubon sponsored

When looking over the multitude of sightings during the course of the year in Pinellas the four week period starting October 15th and ending on the same date in November has offered up as many rare birds as any time-frame in Pinellas birding history.  Case in point. Just last year between Nov 2nd and Nov 6th there was a Pinellas-first Vermilion Flycatcher at Fort De Soto, a state-second Townsend's Solitaire at Honeymoon Island and Pinellas' 2nd-ever Varied Thrush in a Seminole backyard.  Local birders were scrambling to keep up!
So let's take a look at a few of the other great birds reported in Pinellas from mid-October thru mid-November over the years; Brown Creeper (15 Oct 78), American Flamingo (17 Oct 73), Bananaquit (18 Oct 2002), Black-throated Gray Warbler (20 Oct 2011), Great Cormorant (21 Oct 97), Greater White-fronted Goose (22 Oct 2011), Heermann's Gull (24 Oct 2000), Western Tanager (25 Oct 87), Swainson's Hawk (26 Oct 2003), Winter Wren (27 Oct 90), two Golden-crowned Kinglets (28 Oct 2006), Florida's first Hammond's Flycatcher (30 Oct 2006), Varied Thrush (1 Nov 96), Red Phalarope (2 Nov 85), Flammulated Owl on a St. Pete Beach balcony (4 Nov 78), Ash-throated Flycatcher (6 Nov 2010), Dark-eyed Junco (7 Nov 84), a "Sycamore" Warbler (8 Nov 98), Barred Owl at Fort De Soto (9 Nov 2011), 3 Lesser Nighthawks (13 Nov 92), Lapland Longspur (14 Nov 2000) and a Northern Goshawk, killed & skeleton preserved (15 Nov 1925).
Last year Amy Nulph noted her painted Buntign returned to her Seminole yard on October 15th.  She's not sure what it held it up this year - returning a day later, on October 16th.  her photo, below.