ON THIS DATE - 30 Oct (2007) - a drake Wood Duck was at Tierra Verde.
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Nov 1 - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.  Begins at 8 AM  (SPAS)

Nov 1 - Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Begins at 8 AM (CAS)

Nov 8 - Possum Branch/Alligator Lake.  Meet at the entrance to Possum Branch at 8 AM (CAS)

Nov 15 - Pinellas Solid Waste Facility. Limited participation. You must contact Dave Kandz to reserve your spot.​ You can e-mail him at   (SPAS)

Dec 6 - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Begins at 8 AM (SPAS)

Dec 6 - Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Begains at 8 AM (CAS)

Dec 20 - St. Petersburg Christmas Bird Count

Dec 27 - North Pinellas Christmas Bird Count

CAS - Denotes Clearwater Audubon sponsored

SPAS - Denotes St. Petersburg Audubon sponsored

  Sunday, the 25th, marked the 10th time that local Pinellas birders assisted sparrow bander Lauren Deaner with her sharp-tailed sparrow banding project at Shell Key Preserve.  The first time was on Feb 28, 2010, and we now have caught 36 sparrows; 20 Nelson's and 16 Saltmarsh.  Several have been repeat birds in that they were captured and banded at the preserve before.
For instance, the Nelson's Sparrow at left was caught last February, thus showing its wintering site fidelity between seasons.  Bottom left, Lauren holds the bird firmly, yet gently, in order to properly place its new bracelet.  The other three Nelson's captured today had not previously been caught. There were no Saltmarsh Sparrows captured/seen today.
Below; two different times the sparrow nets caught a Clapper Rail, held here by Jim McGinity. We don't believe it was the same bird as the first one was released pretty far away.
Both sparrow photos - JoAnna Clayton        Clapper Rail photo - Sue Tavaglione