ON THIS DATE - 30 Aug (1992) - a record 13 Cerulean Warblers were at Sawgrass Lake Park.
(all about the bird life of Pinellas)
   Rain is in the forecast (again) for Friday (the 29th) and perhaps for part of the day on Saturday, too. Will the weatherman finally get it right? Dick Cissel is hoping so and hoping, too, that the front and SW winds on Friday will ground a few migrants in Pinellas. 
   Monday is Labor Day. Birding is a labor of love. We're combining the two & is starting a new tradition. The Labor Day Classic.
    The idea is to pick a place to bird on Monday morning, any place, and give it a go for a few hours and see what migrants you can see. When you're through send us your list of migrants and the total number of each species seen. We're not interested in our residents, such as gallinules and mockingbirds, we want a migrants count.
   It doesn't matter that you might end up birding a park that someone else is also birding, just get out there and find something!
   Dick Cissel has already told us he plans on getting out to Fort De Soto Park on Monday, but if a few others are out there too, that's fine. There are so many great fall migration sites to bird in Pinellas you can always find one close to home or maybe you'll pick one you haven't birded in a while.  Just have fun and send in your list.
   Great fall season migration sites include Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin Hammock, Fort De Soto Park, Bonner Park, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Sawgrass Lake Park, John Chesnut Park, Boca Ciega Millenium Park and Eagle Lake Park.  Any or all of them might be dripping migrants come Monday.  We won't know unless someone checks them.
   Usually, early morning hours are best, especially for swallows like the Bank Swallow, pictured above, and/or the Barn and Cave Swallows pictured below (all photos courtesy of Sue Tavaglione).  So get out there on Monday and then send us your list.  Let's capture a complete picture of the county for the Labor Day Classic.  Speaking of pictures, if you take a good one on Monday - send it our way.