ON THIS DATE - 19 Dec (2002) - two Western Kingbirds were at Honeymoon Island State Park.
(all about the bird life of Pinellas)

Dec 20 - St. Petersburg Christmas Bird Count

Dec 27 - North Pinellas Christmas Bird Count

Jan 1st - New Year's Day Birding Open at Fort De Soto Park.  Details as the time nears.

Jan 3rd - Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Meet at 8 AM (SPAS).

Jan 3rd - Moccasin Lake Nature Park. Meet at 8 AM  (CAS).

Jan 4th - Fort De Soto Christmas Bird Count

Jan 10th - Pinellas Solid Waste Facility. Limited participation. You must contact Dave Kandz to reserve your spot (SPAS).

Jan 31st - Wall Springs/Wm. E. Dunn Water Treatment Facility. Meet at Wall Springs Park at 7:30 AM  (CAS).

CAS - Denotes Clearwater Audubon sponsored

SPAS - Denotes St. Petersburg Audubon sponsored 

GOOD LUCK to everyone participating in Saturday's St. Petersburg Christmas Bird Count.  A preliminary final total, with added highlights, will be posted Saturday evening.  Special species we hope will be found tomorrow include Glossy Ibis, Broad-winged Hawk, Common Goldeneye, Canvasback, Painted Bunting, Sedge Wren, Tree Swallow, Black-necked Stilt, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Song Sparrow and Pine Siskin to name a few.