A lone Snow Goose flew over Fort De Soto Park and Tierra Verde Nov 22nd (P&E Plage). The first fall American Wigeon was a male at a private lake Nov 11th. Sixteen Northern Shovelers showed up at Crescent Lake Nov 2nd. Five Gadwall were at Brighton Bay Nov 2nd (M.Burns) and two were photographed at Possum Branch on the same date (J.Clayton & S.Tavaglione). The Green-winged Teal count at the Old Keystone Road retention pond reached 12 by Nov 8th (T.Kalbach) and a pair were at Roosevelt Wetland Nov 8-30 (K.Duncan). A female Greater Scaup was identified at St. Pete's Crescent Lake Nov 12th (Tavaglione) and two were at the Dunn WRF Nov 22nd (Kalbach).  224 Hooded Mergansers returned to Brighton Bay by the 24th (Burns).
    The earliest Horned Grebe reported was one at the Skyway approach Nov 2nd while a day earlier the first Common Loons (2) were seen at Honeymoon Island SP (Kalbach). The biggest surprise of the month was Pinellas’ third-ever report (and 2nd photographed) Yellow-nosed Albatross 15 mi. SW of Clearwater Beach (T.Legath & M.Fox).  A Great Cormorant was discovered at Bunces Pass Bridge (Fort De Soto) Nov 22-thru the end of the month (J&I Gibbons, R.Smith et al.).
    A Broad-winged Hawk at Fort De Soto’s North Beach on Nov 7-23 (Clayton, m.ob.) might just linger through the winter season. Short-tailed Hawks were reported widely.
    Ten American Avocets stopped at Caladesi Island Nov 10th (D.Segal). At least one Solitary Sandpiper was seen irregularly at the Old Keystone retention pond through Nov 29th (C.Yilmaz) and a Stilt Sandpiper was seen at Keystone Road’s Melon Street retention pond Nov 22 (Duncan).
    White-winged Doves, considered a transient when seen at offshore islands, were reported at Fort De Soto Nov 10th (E.Plage) and Honeymoon Island Nov 20th (Kalbach). A record late Eastern Wood-Pewee was photographed at Fort De Soto Nov 28th (P.Mulligan et al.). A Western Kingbird was found at an unlikely place, Sawgrass Lake Park, Nov 20th (J.Clayton & S.Tavaglione). Six Northern Rough-winged Swallows were late over Honeymoon Island Nov 8th (Kalbach) and even later were two at Roosevelt Wetland Nov 15th (C.Yilmaz & J.Clayton).  A great fall record was four Cave Swallows photographed over Boyd Hill NP Nov 29th (R.Harrod & Tavaglione - see Harrod's photo below). Also late was a Swainson’s Thrush at Fort De Soto Nov 12th (Plage).
    A Magnolia Warbler was photographed at Joe’s Creek Greenway Nov 8th (J.Clayton). Chipping Sparrows were detected at Brooker Creek Preserve Nov 11-12 (Plage et al.), Fort De Soto Park Nov 27th and at Honeymoon Island SP where six were seen Nov 28th (F.Salmon). Clay-colored Sparrows, right on time during the first week of the month, were seen at Brooker Creek Preserve Nov 3rd (C.Gjervold) and at the St. Pete 62nd Av NE STF Nov 4th (R.Smith et al.). The lone Lincoln’s Sparrow recorded was one at Brooker Creek Preserve Nov 1st (T.Mast). White-crowned Sparrows were reported from Honeymoon Island Nov 2nd (C.Fredricks et al.) and Fort De Soto Park Nov 7-27 (Tavglione, Clayton et al.).
           The latest Blue Grosbeak reported was one at Joe’s Creek Greenway Nov 8th (Clayton) and female Painted Buntings were last reported Nov 16th – one at Boyd Hill NP (D.Margeson) and one at Fort De Soto (Clayton).