Seventy Blue-winged Teal winged by Fort De Soto Park (FDP) on Sep 23rd (E.Plage). Five Northern Shovelers were also seen that day (E.Plage). Short-tailed Hawks were reported from Sawgrass Lake Park (SLP) on Sep 10th (S.Tavaglione, ph.) and at Taylor Park on the 21st (C.Yilmaz, ph., et al.).
        Danny Sauvageau counted 18 Snowy Plovers and 40 Piping Plovers at Three Rooker Bar Sep 24th. He also found 300 Red Knots on the spoil island just offshore of the north point of FDP on the 10th. Up to 8 Solitary Sandpipers were seen the last week of the month at the retention pond at Keystone Rd and Melon St in Tarpon Springs (T.Mast & C.Gjervold). A Whimbrel was at the north Skyway Rest Area Sep 14th (J.Clayton) and two were at Three Rooker Bar Sep 24th (D.Sauvageau). Pectoral Sandpipers were at Tarpon Springs Sep 10th (T.Mast, ph.) at Brooker Creek Preserve Sep 12th (T.Mast, ph.) and FDP Sep 14th (E.Plage). A Stilt Sandpiper was present at Tarpon Springs Sep 14th (T.Mast, ph.) and four Wilson’s Snipe were early at Brooker Creek Preserve Sep 12th (T.Mast, ph.).
        A White-winged Dove was at FDP Sep 13th (S.McNemar, ph.). At least two dozen cuckoos, 13 identified as Yellow-billeds, were at FDP Sep 12 (R.Smith, E.Plage). An imm. Red-headed Woodpecker was a surprise at John Chesnut Park (JCP) Sep 25th (C.Gjervold) as was one at the calvary Cemetery Sep 4th (J.Clayton).  Yet another, discovered in a Pinellas Park yard Sep 18th, was still present into October (J.Clayton).  488 Common Nighthawks flew over Largo Sep 23rd (T.Kalbach).
The first Peregrine Falcon of the season was one at Three Rooker Bar Sep 24th (D.Sauvageau) and participants at the St. Pete Audubon Sep 27th field trip to FDP had 3, perhaps 4.
        It’s been a good fall for Eastern Wood-Pewees with the largest concentration in September being 25 at FDP Sep 17th (E.Plage et al.). A probable Alder Flycatcher was photographed by many at FDP Sep 23-29 (E.Plage, ph., m.ob.), but will need to pass Fla Ornithological Society Records Committee scrutiny to be included as an eventual county record. Least Flycatchers were reported from Taylor Park Sep 21st (S.Tavaglione, ph., J.Clayton), Brooker Creek Preserve Sep 21st (J.Wells) and FDP where two were noted (E.Plage, J.Clayton, one photo’d by S.Tavaglione). 300 Northern Rough-winged Swallows enjoyed the freshly-mowed athletic field at Oak Grove Middle School (Largo) Sep 23rd (P.Trunk).
        Kalbach counted 47 Cliff Swallows in three flocks pass over his house in Clearwater Sep 23rd. Two Veery were at JCP Sep 7th (T.Mast, ph.). The first Gray-cheeked Thrush came during the fallout of Sep 23rd at FDP (E.Plage) and the first Gray Catbird reported in Pinellas was one at Bonner Park Sep 19th (C.Paonessa).
Twelve Ovenbirds were at Sawgrass Lake Park Sep 7th (S.Tavaglione). Two Worm-eating Warblers were reported from Sawgrass Sep 7-9 (S,Tavaglione, J.Clayton et al.). September Golden-winged Warblers were reported from Honeymoon Island State Park (HISP) Sep 20th (G.Deterra), Sawgrass Sep 21-26 (R.Geissler, ph., et al.) and at FDP Sep 23rd (E.Plage). The first Blue-winged Warbler of the season was one at A.L. Anderson Park Sep 9th (T.Mast) with several others seen around the county through the 26th. A Brewster’s type was found by M.Burns at Sawgrass Sep 14th. Two Swainson’s Warblers, far from one another, were at HISP Sep 13-14 (T.Kalbach). 
        A Nashville Warbler was photographed nicely at Sand Key Park Sep 20th (C.Yilmaz, ph.) and another was reported at Clayton’s n. St. Pete yard Sep 23-24. The best bird of the month was a Mourning Warbler, seen by few, at HISP Sep 20th (T.Kalbach et al.). A Cape May Warbler, not often seen in September in Pinellas, was photographed at FDP Sep 20th (S.McNemar, ph.). Three Cerulean Warblers were at Sawgrass Sep 7th (S.Tavaglione, ph., J.Clayton, et al.) and a single was at JCP a bit later Sep 24th (M.James). The first Magnolia Warbler of the fall was one at FDP Sep 17th (E.Plage).
        Blackburnian Warblers made their biggest push Sep 7-9 with as many as 25 or so at Sawgrass (m.ob.). The earliest Chestnut-sided Warbler reported was one at HISP Sep 6th (T.Kalbach) and a Blackpoll Warbler, irregular in its occurrence in Pinellas in fall, was seen at Sawgrass Sep 25th (C.Cox). The earliest Black-throated Blue Warbler was one found at Sawgrass Sep 16th (C.Callaghan) and the only Canada Warbler reported was one at HISP Sep 6th (T.Kalbach). Three Wilson’s Warblers were identified in Pinellas in September; a male at FDP Sep 10th (E.Plage), a female at HISP Sep 13th (T.Kalbach) and another female at FDP Sep 23-24 (E.Plage).
        Clayton’s yard hosted a Bronzed Cowbird Sep 19th. J.Mangold found three “grounded” Bobolinks at FDP Sep 23rd. An Orchard Oriole was at FDP Sep 6th (J.Mangold, ph.) and Baltimore Orioles were noted at Sawgrass Sep 7th (S.Tavaglione, ph., et al.), three at HISP Sep 19th (T.Kalbach) and a single at JCP Sep 24th (T.Mast, ph.). Very early were American Goldfinches in flight over HISP Sep 20th (G.Deterra).