Gadwall and America Wigeons were still reported at Largo Nature Reserve to at least Feb 14th. Wigeons were also at Tierra Verde to Feb 22nd.  February Canvasback reports included one remaining behind Jabil Circuit through the 25th, a female at Bardmoor on the 8th, and two last reported at BayCare in Clearwater through the 21st. Four Bufflehead were at Gandy Beach on the 20th and three at Fred Howard Park were reported there Feb 13-28.  The flock of Hooded Mergansers at Brighton Bay peaked at 307 in early December and was down to 151 by Feb 24th.
           An easily observed American Bittern remained at John Chesnut Park Feb 6-22. The first Swallow-tailed Kite of the year was one over Largo on the 18th. A Broad-winged Hawk was photographed at Sand Key Park Feb 12th. Several Short-tailed Hawks were reported this month with a pair of dark-morphs reported regularly at Sawgrass Lake Park.
           Surprising was a northbound Sandhill Crane over Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Feb 7th and another on the ground at Sawgrass Lake Park Feb 12th.  Same bird?
           A Solitary Sandpiper was across fro the entrance to Brooker Creek Preserve Feb 19th and six Greater Yellowlegs set down at Fred Howard Park Feb 17th. A Long-billed Curlew was spotted at Anclote Key Jan 27th and was seen a week later at Fred Howard Park. Whimbrel were seen off Pinellas Point (Feb 14) and Three Rooker Bar (Feb 24).  A Pomarine Jaeger was photographed south of Fred Howard Park Feb 26th.
           The Red-headed Woodpecker found at Airco during the CBC was reported again on Feb 15th. Fort De Soto Park’s Groove-billed Ani was present to at least Feb 22nd. An extremely early Eastern Kingbird was reported from Honeymoon Island State Park on Feb 18th while an unexpected Gray Kingbird was seen at Lake Seminole Park Feb 16th. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was observed along I-275 during backed-up traffic on Feb 21st.
           Two Yellow-throated Vireos were in song in north Pinellas Feb 22nd. Northern Parulas are now in town with two early ones singing at John Chesnut Park Feb 13th. The over-wintering Chestnut-sided Warbler at Fort De Soto was reported on the first day of March.
           Brooker Creek’s Field Sparrow was last noted on Feb 22nd while Fort De Soto’s Lark Sparrow was last seen Feb 8th. Five Nelson’s Sparrows were caught while mist-netting at Shell Key on Feb 8th. The two Summer Tanagers found behind Wild Birds Unlimited were last reported Feb 21st. Painted Buntings were seen, some photographed, at various Pinellas sites in February.