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Aug 29th - Rain finally reached north St. Petersburg as the sun went down this evening.  Perhaps it'll keep raining thru the night and knock a migrant or two down - like the striking Black-and-white Warbler photographed today by Sue Tavaglione, left, at Sawgrass Lake Park.
Saturday morning might be a great time to get out and scout around for Monday's Labor Day Classic.
Dawn will be a good time to listen for Veery and Bobolink overhead as they make their way south.
Check out this week's Photo of the Week; a "yellow-shafted" Northern Flicker on The Bird Page.
Aug 30th - The bird of the day flew in off the Gulf near where Janet and Gary Leavens were standing at the north end of Fort De Soto Park and gave them several minutes of study (and time enough for some photos) before it flew off to the north.  It was a Buff-breasted Sandpiper.  There were very few land migrants at the park today (fide D.Cissel).
Eric Plage added Eastern Wood-Pewee to his yard list and Dale Goebel reported another at John Chesnut Park.
JoAnna Clayton saw eight species of warblers at Sawgrass Lake Park today (we're getting closer to when 10 species will be the expectation) and Sue Tavaglione photographed an American Redstart down at the edge of the creek at Sawgrass.  There's a Louisiana Waterthrush in the photo, too.  See it? Note the heavy streaking & clear white, unstreaked throat.
Aug 31st - Think LABOR DAY CLASSIC.  Pick a place to bird for a few hours tomorrow morning and look specifically for MIGRANTS. What might be out there?  Warblers, flycatchers, swallows and shorebirds.  Within the county let's see if we as a group can find 10 species of warblers and 20 species of shorebirds. There's been no great weather pattern conducive to "great" birding so we'll have to dig a little.
Today, Bobby O'Link found six Greater Yellowlegs and a Stilt Sandpiper feeding within the vegetation on the west side of the County Dump Lake. Travis Young got great looks at a Sora at the Belleair Causeway; the 2nd-earliest ever fall report of the species for Pinellas. Tim Kalbach reported an Eastern Kingbird and an Ovenbird at Dunedin Hammock Park.
Fort De Soto Park's Buff-breasted Sandpiper was a no-show today, but there were a few shorebirds around including a Piping Plover, shown at left, photographed by JoAnna Clayton.
Good luck tomorrow!