Sep 24th - The excitement generated today was by a "pair" of probable Alder Flycatchers at Fort De Soto Park's Mulberry Trees Area. They were first observed yesterday by Eric Plage and remained at the scene through today. Plage heard Alder-type calls early this morning and at least one experienced observer felt comfortable calling one an adult and another an immature (C.Cox). This species, more often reported from south Florida during fall migration, is flagged as a "review" species by the Florida Ornithological Society's Records Committee (FOSRC).  So, even though the sightings today were probably of Alder's, it will take an "approval" by FOSRC.  Also on hand in the same general area was a Least Flycatcher - and another Least was photographed by JoAnna Clayton up at the North Beach Turnaround.  See Sue Tavaglione's photos below: (Left) of a the Least Flycatcher (note the eye ring and very smallish bill) and (Right) of the adult Alder Flycatcher.  Also in the area again today was the female Wilson's Warbler (E.Plage & R.Miller) and a Northern Shoveler at the north lagoon (J.Clayton).
Jerry Gibson saw again the male Golden-winged Warbler at Sawgrass Lake Park this morning.  In the area, too, was a Blue-winged Warbler. Remaining in St. Petersburg - the immature Nashville Warbler was spotted for the second day at Clayton's residence and Pete Plage found an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull at Northshore Park.
Just east of U.S. 19 along Keystone Road (582) is a retention pond at Melon Road. This morning Colin Gjervold had four Solitary Sandpipers at it. Tom Mast reported seeing nine species of warblers at John Chesnut Park including Magnolia and Blackburnian (see his photo of one of them below right). He also had a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a female Baltimore Oriole.  The best prize at the park, however, was a handsome male Cerulean Warbler found by Melissa James.  See her photo, bottom left.
Danny Sauavageau was out at Three Rooker Bar today and reported the first Pinellas Peregrine Falcon of the season, though many have already made their way past the Keys Hawk Watch at Curry Hammock State Park.  Other nice highlights from his trip out there included 40 Piping Plovers, 18 Snowy Plovers and two Whimbrel.
And a late report received from yesterday - Paul Trunk estimated 300 Northern Rough-winged Swallows flying around the back field at Oakhurst Middle School in Largo.  That is easily the largest flock ever reported in Pinellas.
Sep 25th -The "probable" Alder Flycatcher was found again today at the Mulberry Trees Area of Fort De Soto Park.  That makes three straight days. Perhaps it'll hang around for St. Pete Audubon's field trip on Saturday to the park which, by the way, will begin at 9 AM at the flag pole.  It is a later start due to an early morning triathlon. Today's photos of the "probable" Alder are courtesy of Melissa James (left photo) and Danny Sauvageau (right photo) giving views from a couple of different angles.
Thom Palik reported seeing the Golden-winged Warbler in the back hammock at Sawgrass Lake Park.  Tim Kalbach had two dark-morph Short-tailed Hawks fly over his home in Clearwater.  Steve Aversa reported a few warblers at Taylor Park, including two Chestnut-sided Warblers.  And very interesting was a slightly early Philadelphia Vireo found at Eden isle by Pete Plage.