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  Troy and Nicole Ploger found this Tropical Kingbird at Fort De Soto Park's East Beach Woods late Sunday afternoon.  It called several times.
  It was looked for from dawn until 8 AM on Monday without any luck.  The area will be checked again during the day.
  Refrain from using any tapes as it is against park rules
  Prior Pinellas fall records of this species include
- 28 Sep 2008
- 18 Aug 2005
- 1 Oct 1998
* all were found at Fort De Soto Park
RARE BIRD ALERT / August 19th
While at Fort De Soto park today JoAnna Clayton found a Bronzed Cowbird in the NW corner of the Gulf Pier parking lot.

Again, remember that tapes or playback devices are not permitted in the park.  If it's around again tomorrow and you should see it please let us know.
Aug 20th - No sign of the Bronzed Cowbird or Tropical Kingbird today. Fort De Soto Park did, however, yield a flock of an estimated 400 Black Terns resting on the beach south of the Gulf Pier at 4 PM. See Cissel's photo, below, of just a portion of the flock.
Danny Sauvageau saw 20 species of shorebirds at South Anclote Key this morning including four American Avocets (left), three Whimbrel (two below left), 23 Piping Plovers and 19 Snowy Plovers. There was only one Black Tern out there.
Tom Mast reported that the three Spotted Sandpipers he saw at Mobbly Bay Park in Oldsmar were his day's highlights.
Eastern Kingbirds are on the move with a few being reported each day.
August 21st
Not many reports were received today, but one very good one was from Roger Cornelius, who photographed a Cerulean Warbler at Eagle Lake Park, right.
Eric Plage reported three Blue-winged Teal flying south over Fort De Soto Park and two Cliff Swallows, as well.