Tuesday, Jan 27th - Tom Mast reported seeing the Field Sparrow this morning, albeit briefly, as well as a Chipping Sparrow he photographed, at left.
There were no reports from Fort De Soto Park and the Common Goldeneye at Lake Maggiore, checked for the past few days, has not been seen.  It probably has moved on.
Bob Lane stopped by Wild Birds Unlimited in east Clearwater/Safety Harbor and found one of what he believes might be three Summer Tanagers visiting the ravine behind the shopping center.  At Courtney Campbell Causeway the Bonaparte's Gull numbers continue to rise.  He had 214 there this morning!  Nearby, behind the BayCare building, both the Gadwalls and Canvasbacks continue.  Erik Haney also noted nine Hooded Mergansers there this afternoon.
In downtown St. Pete, at Crescent Lake, two Ruddy Ducks were there this afternoon as well as a continuing male Greater Scaup.  Check the north end of the lake for the scaup.
    Tim Kalbach saw a light-morph Short-tailed Hawk over East Lake Rd and Ridgemoor at 3:45 PM this afternoon.
Wednesday, Jan 28th - At right, Jerry Gibson's north St. Pete yard hosted an Orange-crowned Warbler this morning.
The three wintering Black-necked Stilts were along the north wall of the County Dump Lake this afternoon. Nearby, in the pond across from the entrance into the county dump, along 28th Street, as many as 13 Green-winged Teal, several dozen Northern Shovelers, a couple of Hooded Mergansers and Lesser Scaup were gathered. 
Tim Kalbach reported seeing the Field Sparrow up at Brooker Creek Preserve and Tom Mast reported seeing again the Northern Waterthrush by the preserve's Visitor's Center.