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July 27th - Tom Mast found a Black-and-white Warbler at A.L. Anderson County Park this morning.  JoAnna Clayton had a Yellow-billed Cuckoo in her St. Petersburg yard yesterday.   Chimney Swifts are on the move a bit and several observers have noted larger than usual numbers over their neighborhoods.  Keep in mind that youngsters are out with their parents, too.
Not often do you see a kingsnake in Pinellas anymore.  Sue Tavaglione photographed the one shown below at Fort De Soto Park.
July 28th - Ever seen a squirrelfish?  You still haven't, but Sue Tavaglione took a series of photos of the next best thing - a squirrel thinking it is a fish.  It was at Sawgrass Lake Park today.
An American Avocet was found at Gandy Beach late this afternoon by Cameron Cox and a Belted Kingfisher returned from its northern haunts as well today when one was seen there by Nicky Armstrong.  At Boca Ciega Millenium Park Colin Gjervold noted a Black-and-white Warbler.
As many as five Common Terns were at the north end of Fort De Soto Park.
Tuesday, July 29th -   Cameron Cox photographed an unusual juvenile Sandwich Tern at Gandy Beach the other day.  See his photo, left.  Notice how the bill is yellow rather than black.   If you see it out there take a moment to watch for an adult bird coming in to feed it.  What species was the adult?  The bird at left is probably nothing more than an odd-billed Sandwich, but you never know.
And by the way, Colin Gjervold found the second "odd-for-Gandy" shorebird at Gandy Beach this evening - a lone Red Knot!