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THE FRIDAY WEEKLY REPORT -  April 12th thru 18th
      One of the lingering Black Scoters remained at Fort De Soto Park (FDP) to Apr 13th (M.McConnell).  An amazing 13 Solitary Sandpipers were seen on GFriday, the 18th, along Old Keystone Road at the retention pond (T.Mast) and two were seen together earlier in the week at John Taylor Park (D.Cissel). On Friday morning the 18th, the Bar-tailed Godwit was seen again at Fred Howard Park with a small flock of Marbled Godwits.  This was reported to the BrdBrain listserv by Brian O'Connor.

Two Lesser Black-backed Gulls, an immature & an adult, were at FDP’s north beach on Apr 13th (D.Gagne et al.). Tierra Verde’s Red-headed Woodpecker was still seen through Apr 18th (B.O'Link).

A Black-whiskered Vireo was found at FDP’s East Beach Picnic Area on Apr 12th and a few days later two were photographed together there by Geoff Powell.  Will they rmeian to breed at the park?  Time will tell.  Remember, tape playbacks of bird songs are strict;y forbidden at Fort De Soto Park.  The Wood Thrush can sometimes be heard singing in spring when we are fortunate enough to have some pass through.  They were heard singing at Dunedin Hammock and at FDP Apr 13th (R.Smith & E.Plage).  Three still lingered in FDP's East Beach Woods on the 18th (T.Young & E.Plage).
   During the fallout of April 16-18 Jerry Gibson was able to get his lens on an Acadian Flycatcher in the East Beach Woods of FDP, right.
    A few Yellow-billed Cuckoos were seen around the county this week, but birders should be watchful for the more uncommon Black-biolled Cuckoo as we approach the month of May.

    At left is a Yellow-billed Cuckoo photographed at Fort De Soto by Suzy Fleck
Now for the juicy stuff.  A weather system brought to FDP 23 spp. of warblers on Apr 16th with 22 reported on the 18th. The highlights of that mini-fallout were a male Golden-winged (P.Mansfield), a couple of Chestnut-sideds (E.Plage), a Nashville (M.Liberton & J.Affleck), a Swainson's (K.Duncan) and a dozen or so Yellows and male Black-throated Greens. It’s worth mentioning that both Louisiana and Northern Waterthrushes were recorded at FDP on the 16th, a rather late date for the former. Two Blue-winged Warblers were found at Bonner Park Apr 12th (R.Harrod & S.Tavaglione). Four Cape May Warblers were at FDP Apr 13th and also present that day was a male Cerulean Warbler.  At least six Cape Mays were at FDP Apr 17th (T.Riggs) and probably two dozen were around the park on the 18th. 
Painted Buntings also came in on Apr 16th with several at FDP on that date and several more over the next two days.  Another was at Bonner Park (C.Gjervold).  Both Scarlet and Summer Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were in good numbers the last three days of this work week at FDP.  T.Young, E.Plage and R.Smith saw both a Bobolink (photographed) and a Dickcissel (no, not that Dick Cissel) at FDP on the morning of the 18th.  Lots and lots of Orchard and Baltimore Orioles were at FDP throughout the week, but especially on Friday.
The Photo of the Week and the answer to the Quiz Bird at the bottom of this page can be found on The Bird Page.
ABOVE-  Black-throated Blue Warbler (Barbara Surman)
AT LEFT- Painted Bunting (Shelley Bowden)
ABOVE- An orange-ish Scarlet Tanager  (Tim Kalbach)
AT RIGHT- A pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks  (Randy Harrod)
TOP- Black-throated Green Warbler (Danny Sauvageau)
AT LEFT-  A molting Indigo Bunting  (Tom Mast)
ABOVE LEFT & MIDDLE- Bobolink & Blue Grosbeak (Photos by R.Smith)  ABOVE RIGHT- Kentucky Warbler (Joe FitzGerald)
ABOVE- Momma w/chick Eastern Screech-Owl (Randy Harrod)
ABOVE RIGHT- Ruby-throated Hummingbird  (Tom Funari)
BELOW RIGHT-  Baltimore Oriole  (John Swenfurth)
The mystery bird photo sent in by Cynthia Paonessa

If you'll recall a Mississippi Kite turned up at Sawgrass Lake Park last spring.  It was seen from April 23rd thru May 14th.
Well, it's back, or at least we think it's the same one and is back.  First reported Saturday on eBird by Tony Ford, it was re-found late this afternoon by Sue Tavaglione & JoAnna Clayton.  See Sue's photo, at right.
To see it we suggest to walk over the footbridge by the Visitor's Center, then go right at the "Y" and follow the boardwalk around back to the creek. Once there follow the creek back to the Visitor's Center.  Check the top of every dead snag you see.