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OCTOBER 21st - There's been quite a few highlights since last Saturday. On Saturday and Sunday Philadelphia Vireos showed up at Fort De Soto (M.Burns), Bonner Park (S.Tavaglione - see her photo, below) and Dunedin Hammock (J.Miller). Three Blackburnian Warblers were at Fort D on Saturday (M.Burns), six Tennessee's were at Honeymoon Island on Sunday (T.Kalbach) and a Canada Warbler was photographed at Fort De Soto yesterday (R.Blair). Those two Stilt Sandpipers were still being seen along Keystone Road at the Melon Street retention pond as of Saturday (C.Fredricks). As many as 11 American Avocets were at Fred Howard Park on Saturday (C.Yilmaz & T.Kalbach) and a whopping 90 Marbled Godwits made Pete Plage's day at Fort De Soto - also on Saturday.  And finally, reports from this morning:  Eric Plage heard three different Eastern Whip-poor-will's at Fort De Soto, pre-dawn, and Tom Mast got a quick, but good glimpse of a Yellow-breasted Chat at Brooker Creek Preserve.

    Please consider helping with the Shell Key sparrow banding effort by reserving a spot on the Shell Key Shuttle for an entertaining sunset cruise scheduled for Friday evening, October 24th. Contact St. Pete Audubon president Judi Hopkins at for reservations.