Monday, Dec 15th - Eric Plage was off and running today. He reported the Common Goldeneye at Lake Maggiore at 8 AM this morning, while others saw it at noon, when it was straight out from the boat ramp.  And then early this afternoon Plage found a flock of approx. 25 Pine Siskins and at least that many American Goldfinches at the north end of Fort De Soto Park in the trees around Shelters 9 and 10.  See the photo, left, by JoAnna Clayton.
There seems to be a bit of a siskin invasion into the south this winter and birders should be alert for the species, especially when en- countering a flock of goldfinches, a species they associate with.
Tuesday, Dec 16th - The Common Goldeneye was seen at Lake Maggiore at 4 PM today hanging at the north end of the lake & seen from the east shoreline of the lake within Lake Maggiore Park.  Check for the duck from the covered picnic pavillion at the north end of the park.  Stand atop one of the picnic tables if you need to in order to see over the cattails along the lake's edge.
Tom Mast reported a female Painted Bunting at Possum Branch Preserve and a small flock of Wilson's Snipe, right, at Brooker Creek Preserve.
Randy Harrod had a calling Pine Siskin fly over his north St. Pete backyard this afternoon.
Wednesday, Dec 17th - The first day of CBC Week, which is three days before a count and three days after.  The male Common Goldeneye at Lake Maggiore was still in place, but maybe 150 yards further north than yesterday.  Three Canvasbacks were also seen just north and east of the goldeneye.  Speaking of goldeneyes, a female was photographed at Fred Howard Park today by Docia Hooey and Sarah Gilmore.  Their sighting was posted to a Pasco County birding facebook page.
Thursday, Dec 18th - Several birders checked out the female Common Goldeneye at Fred Howard Park today. Tom Mast took the photo, left, as the bird was swimming off the south side of the causeway.  Sue Tavaglione saw again this morning the Common Goldeneye at Lake Maggiore.
JoAnna Clayton reported the continuing Glossy Ibis at Sawgrass Lake Park - seen from the overlook at the main lake.  She also noted a pair of Carolina Chickadees at Harbor Isles, where she has recorded them several times the past month.  Both of the latter species would be notable on the St. Pete CBC come Saturday as would, of course, the Lake Maggiore goldeneye.